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A journal dedicated to giving gratitude on a daily basis.

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Falling Into Faith: The Source Of My  Power

A Memoir by DeAngelo Griggs

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About Book:

Falling Into Faith: The Source Of My Power, is an emotional roller coaster filled with anger, hope and inspiration. “Africa is where you'll find the source of your power.” Those memorable words set into motion a chain of events that changed the author’s life forever.

DeAngelo Griggs paints a vivid picture of his first journey to post-apartheid South Africa, where he learned he had a life threatening disease. As a volunteer placed in the townships  of Cape Town, he found himself questioning the meaning of life and God's mercy.

Little did he know, discovering Africa and its power served as preparation for the storm to come in the continued battle for his faith and life.

About Author: DeAngelo Griggs is a writer and Folk Artist, born and raised in Chicago, IL. He lives in Columbus, OH with his wife, Toy.