About Us

Dorothy Jean Publishing, LLC is an independent publishing company focused on delivering the best storytelling through non-fiction, creative non-fiction and screenplays. Dorothy Jean Publishing was founded in Columbus, Ohio.

It is our aim at Dorothy Jean Publishing to present storytelling in a way that gives hope and inspiration to the reader. We hope through this artistic form we build strong connections between our writers and readers, while building life-long relationships as well. We recognize that with faith, anything is possible, despite the difficult challenges and obstacles set before us. It is our goal to leave the reader feeling good about themselves and encourage self-confidence and perseverance.

The Story Behind the Name
Dorothy Jean Publishing is named after our founder’s maternal grandmother, Dorothy Jean. She was the matriarch of the family and played a vital role in not only his upbringing, but his siblings and cousins’ life as well. As a child he witnessed his grandmother’s relentless care for her family and her commitment to keep the family unit together as one. It is because of her altruism and perseverance that he and his family was able to survive tough times and thrive forward. Not forgetting the lessons and wisdom his grandmother taught him, he has built Dorothy Jean Publishing on such foundations and values from her teachings. This is why Dorothy Jean Publishing fully commits itself to its writers and seeks to deliver the very best storytelling to its readers.

Dorothy Jean Publishing's sole intent is to present the world with stories of inspiration and unwavering hope, something that most major publishing companies tend to overlook and are not fully committed to sharing with the world.